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Indulge in the art of healing

When you are travelling to a world of serenity where there are no shoes, no hassles of work calls and no one to bother you; a session of indulging in a spa experience becomes essential to enhance your ideal island holiday.

A blend of body rituals delivered in a sacred sequence and designed with your needs in mind, Spas at Maldives proffers the perfect rejuvenating space for wellness holidays.

There are more than 100 exotic Spas housed in all the isles of Maldives. Each and every one of them a sanctuary of rejuvenation, nestled comfortably in lush manicured tropical greens, built on stilts over the turquoise lagoon or even in an underground relaxation space where the underworld aquatic life swims past you.

Presenting with an array of messages and therapies for a relaxing affair, the luxurious Spas of all the resorts in the Maldives, houses exquisite treatment villas with views complemented by separate male and female relaxation areas with swirling vitality pools, crystal steam rooms, saunas and the healing waters of a Watsu pool. Most of the Spas also offer couples therapy packages. Contact us for more information.

The Watsu Experience

The Watsu Experience Make time to indulge in an inspiring combination of well-being and leisure. From the conventional to the unconventional – sleep menus, super food programmes, irresistible spa treatments, running-tracks, climbing walls, suspended sunset yoga and Watsu treatments; enter into a world of divine bliss and meditation. Watsu, a term blending water and shiatsu, is relatively a new therapy in the long history of water-based treatments. It facilitates the smooth and continuous flow of life energy, throughout the entire body using stretches, massage, and pressure point manipulation.


A perfect blend of ancient world therapies and modern world techniques are designed to release tensions and promote natural healing, restoring body and mind to a natural state of harmony.

Body Rituals

Body Rituals A comprehensive range of therapies includes detox and contouring nurturing prenatal treatments and specialist skin conditioning rituals.

Facial Treatments 

Fusing technology advanced philosophies with natural therapies, professional therapists create individualised treatment for each guest. There is a curated collection of massages and facials designed especially for men and women.

Signature Experiences

Signature Experiences Harnessing the most luxuriously rejuvenating therapies from east to west, a curated collection of treatments are designed to unwind restore and elevate the mind, body and soul.


Ancient wisdoms from the Indian sub-continent is utilised to promote inner harmony and restore the body to a natural state.