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The Maldivian Native - A Glimpse Inside the Fish Market

If you are a Maldivian reading this, then you would be delighted to catch the roots; if you are not, then here is a fishy tale for you! Heard of the Malé fish market ever? Yes? Haven't visited ever? No? Cool! So let us take a stroll into the most prominent native of the Maldives – Malé Fish Market!

Residing in a popular commercial area of Malé on the northern waterfront and situated west of Republic Square, this fish market doesn’t go by the clock. The marketplace is the prime place of interaction for the sale of a vast array of enchanting seafood as well as fresh local produce. People keep pouring in but the place is usually flooded during dawn when people want to buy their favourite fish for lunch, and noon hours when the delicacies are being decided for night meals. Dawn and afternoon are also the time when fishermen unload their fresh captures on the tiled floor of the market and fish lovers are just eager to lay their hands on first ones. Tuna is an all-time favourite among the locals which is abundantly found in Maldivian waters.  There are so many unique things about the native Malé Fish Market that binds the tourist explorers. There is so much happening all the time, local shops are brimming with energy with people swarming them for fresh fish supply. Also, dhonis (local boat transport) keep sailing in filled with dried fishes, fresh fruits and vegetables to be sold in the market. Despite so much hustle-bustle, the market is kept thoughtfully clean and is washed, disinfected thoroughly every day and made ready to cater to a lot of shopping needs of locals and travellers. No doubt, the fish place is a hot favourite amongst all.  The Maldives, studded with sun, surf and sand is a charming destination for one and all, and Malé Fish Market is one of the prime locations of this destination. Powder-soft beaches, sapphire waters, and coral reefs please the eye, and at the same time; the fish market caresses the hungry senses through its fresh supplies for all. It is also a great vista for those who come with an urge to explore traditional old earthy Maldives and the life of local Maldivian folks. The fishing industry is not new to the Maldives. It is a traditional and mainstay occupation of the Maldivian natives and feeds their economy in a big way. A huge number of locals depend on fishing for jobs and their daily bread. Fish and other seafood feature prominently in the Maldivian diet and delicacies, with many dishes including the bounties of the seas. For the visitors, it is a pastoral delightful spectacle that provides an opportunity to mingle with the locals, converse with them and get to know their life first-hand.  So, next time on, when you are in the land of reefs for a relaxing getaway, make sure you reach out to this native marketplace to know the Maldives a little more closely. 

Date : 30 Oct 2018

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