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Why Is Maldives All About Scuba Diving

Scuba diving today is one of the most thrilling adventure sport that engrosses people immensely for the mere fun of a tete-a-tete with marine life. Saying hello to divine underwater creatures has its own charm that avid explorers just cannot resist. Scuba diving in the Maldives, which is studded with a magnificent chain of islands made of coral tips of the underwater volcanic mountain range, has become synonymous with an adventurous vacation. This chain of 7,000 islands are spread over 1,200 miles and are sparingly inhabited, one of the reasons divers love to venture into this holiday zone and live the majestic land of lagoons, water and sea-life.

Holiday in the Maldives is Incomplete without Scuba Diving. Ask Why?

Holiday in the Maldives is Incomplete without Scuba Diving. Ask Why? Majority of land masses in the Maldives are below the sea level and the only tips are visible on the top, which makes the place look like an open ocean studded by tiny islands. These islands are nothing but lagoons, deep channels, and atolls broken by the occasional tip of coral which becomes visible as islands. This formation of islandish spread translates into the fact that most of the splendour and marvel of this water-vista are hidden under the water and can only become a beautiful experience through a scuba diving adventure. A best Maldives package that covers scuba diving extensively is what all adventurers look for when planning a trip to this lagoon land.  To add to the fun, only 200 out of 7000 islands are inhabited with locals and the rest are dedicated to holidaying gamut with only one resorts at each island. This actually ascertains the availability of many untouched dive sites that travellers love to explore at a drop of a hat. This hugely untouched magic may not be seen at other dive sites across the globe. Few dive sites are located offshore at some of the inhabited islands, while others housed by untouched land masses are accessible by short flights and boats. 

What does the best Maldives package offer? 

What does the best Maldives package offer?  There is no end to the bounties of the Maldivian panorama. Yet, two prominent features that you would always meet at the dive sites are the channels swept by the water current and the pinnacles that magnetize the marine life.  Wander into the water caves, venture into the caverns and overhangs, and feel the soft corals proliferate peacefully. A breathtaking canvas of coloured sponges, invertebrates and gorgonian fans welcome you with their unrelenting beauty and magnanimity. All these water creatures love the nutrient-rich water of the Maldivian seas and are a sight for the divers. Pinnacles of rocks are seen emerging from the ocean surface, the lagoons are equally intriguing. The coral tops or islands are locally called “Thilas” by the natives. These emerging top formations push the water waves up from the ocean floor against their walls, which feeds the sponges and soft corals that cling to the walls. Scientifically, this creates a habitat for a plethora of crustaceans and schools of resident fish species. Frequent divers have identified their destinations in the Maldives and they know prominent Maldives scuba diving resorts too. These ardent explorers know how to set their path a little away from reefs and spot the pelagic frequenting the Maldives. These species including Manta rays and eagle rays are not natives but keep coming as guests. Sharks as magnanimous as mighty whale shark are also spotted by seasoned scuba divers. When on scuba diving in the Maldives, you will experience a lot of diving action at any diving site you go, even in the shallow waters. These are the spots where clear water, dazzling by the sunrays play host to exquisite fish species. Take photos, indulge in some non-serious fun diving or just relax aside water.  Maldives scuba diving resorts do not forget to include all these bounties in their holiday packages.  Here are a few of the dive sites that create the enchantment of best scuba diving in the Maldives: The Victor Wreck - Recommended for experienced divers only, one can spot large sea turtles that frequents the tip of the bowsprit; large schools of Fusiliers, batfish, and barracuda; and numerous other varieties of small marine animals.  Banana Reef – The reef resembles a banana in shape, hence the name. The upper section of the reef is about 10 feet below the sea level, which is ideal for beginner divers. For scuba divers who like to challenge their limits, the west side of the reef is more than 100 feet deep. 

No matter how deep or shallow you dive, the abundant marine life in the Maldives never fails to mesmerize the scuba divers. It is just that one needs to book a hotel in the Maldives and experience the infinite fun that can span through a lifetime, owing to the vastness of the ever-expanding pristine waters surrounding the coral-tipped islands. Even a lifetime is not enough to discover the immense treasures of this bountiful land. From deep crevices to current-swept reefs teeming with life, you will never tire of the wonders to be seen while scuba diving in the Maldives.
Date : 05 Jan 2019

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