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Yacht Charter in the Maldives - Something You Should Not Miss

The country of Maldives is a geological gem, which stretches across the Indian Ocean exactly by the Equator. The beauty of the Maldives can be equated to a magnificent string of rare pearls. Ardent travellers from all across the globe swarm the islands, clutter to breathe in fresh air and to touch some of the rarest natural marvels, housed by the terrain. There are some man-made amusements too that allure the crowds, and yacht chartering in the Maldives is one of them.

The Maldives is the country with the lowest altitude on earth and has an average above sea level height of only one to three meters or approximately three to six feet. The numerous islands in the country of Maldives have always been a welcoming sight for the Mariners on the horizon. These islands are along sea-lanes and ancient trade routes. Currently, much like the earlier times, the sailors and explorers are made to feel welcomed by the citizens of the country of Maldives. It is here that these sailors find shelter from the majestic Indian Ocean. It is the perfect destination to try out Yacht Chartering in the Maldives.

Considering the above, the Indian Ocean around the Maldives has not just been used for trade purposes, more recently it is a vista proving instrumental for recreational purposes. Especially with the stunning underwater scenery, it is a delight for snorkelling enthusiasts. Mild seas make it feasible for casual/amateur sailors and tourists who wish to explore the sea.  Yachts are the increasingly chosen mode of transportation while exploring the ocean, which surrounds the country. These luxurious Maldives boats are armed with an array of equipments and gadgets that ensure you are provided with complete king-sized comfort. From world-class chefs who can cook up dishes at a moment’s notice, an in-house bar, a Jacuzzi and pool, perhaps even a mini theatre room, the possibilities are endless depending upon the amount one is willing to spend. After renting a yacht in the Maldives, one can visit the oceans, which have a diverse marine life, including crowd favourites such as clown fish, parrotfish and a variety of turtles. On snorkelling or diving, one can find certain aesthetic coral rays. In addition, one can take a yacht to reach further into the ocean, away from the coast to catch some of the largest waves and indulge in surfing both casually and professionally.

A yacht in Maldives ride also enables an individual to explore the archipelago of the Maldives, which comprises mesmerizing atolls and endless islands. The coral reefs are also a sight to behold; apart from the numerous beaches which are popular among tourists during yacht trips. One can enjoy exciting activities such as water skiing, snorkelling and swimming in this beautiful region during yacht rides. Yacht Chartering in the Maldives is easier thanks to the ever increasing technology. With most of the rental companies being available on the internet, customers can now book a yacht of their choice online before coming to the country of Maldives. The choice given to the customers is extremely wide. You can rent a speedboat in the Maldives or you can opt for a variety of yachts, small, medium or large, based on their size and their features. People who love to party in the islands can choose Yacht Chartering in Maldives for party yachts, which are equipped with a full-time bar, light and sound systems and even a pool at times. Certain individuals who are looking to splurge or the ones who belong to the list of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals can charter a luxury yacht. The luxury yacht is equipped with a helipad often and has a host of features such as in-house chef, Jacuzzi, and a home theatre. 

The rental costs of yachts chartering in the Maldives widely vary, as per the features and amenities provided. At times, the cost is extremely high and varies between from $4000 to $46000 per night. If you are looking forward to make a yacht experience in the Maldives, we are just a call away!
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Date : 15 Jan 2019

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