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Fushifaru Maldives announces first Mixed Martial Arts Retreat

Right after Fushifaru Maldives launched its Maldivian Mind, Body & Soul Retreat featuring the Maldives’ hottest female wellness gurus, the resort has now announced its first MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Retreat, partnering with professional MMA/Muay Thai and ONE Championship fighter, Saiful Merican and Maldivian Muay Thai trainer and Fushifaru Wellness Guru, Kai. This is slated for this June between the dates of 19th and 21st, 2018. 

Former World #1 Muay Thai kickboxer (57KG) Saiful Merican has over 130 fights under his belt and is also a renowned ONE Championship fighter. He will be bringing his ring-ready techniques and drills to the island for guests to sign up and test their strength, stamina and agility on the beach. Joining him will be Maldivian expert trainer, Kai, who will be bringing her signature brand of strength conditioning and training to the retreat. A certified trainer for over ten years, Kai has participated in various sporting events, conducts her own bootcamp in the Maldives and retreats around the world, including running a marathon barefoot in Athens. 

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. It involves both stand-up and ground skills using techniques from various other martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Muay Thai, Sanda and many more. As the Vice President of the Malaysian MMA Association (MASMMA), Saiful is one of the country's pioneer professional MMA fighters. He transitioned to MMA in 2013 after competing in hundreds of Muay Thai fights from the tender age of 11. "I wanted to test myself and keep learning other disciplines. MMA workouts challenge your mind and body to push yourself to its limits," says Saiful. The customized workouts are designed to train your entire body with a focus on strength and endurance. The intense combat drills test one's physical and mental stamina. Experience what it's like to train like a pro athlete and recover after with Fushifaru's spa treatments curated exclusively for this retreat. 

Fushifaru's VIKs (Very Important Kids) will not be left out on this retreat! Kids aged from 6-12 can join the MMA Kids' Retreat to learn and adopt a great active and healthy lifestyle through mixed martial arts. Not only will they learn self confidence and discipline, they will have fun doing it! Fushifaru’s ‘Family Fantastic Offer’ where up to two kids under the age of 12, stay and eat for free on the same board basis as their parents, would be the perfect reason to book.

Fushifaru 3-Day MMA Retreat includes:

19th June

  • Warm Up & Stretching
  • Wrap Hands
  • Stand Up Techniques – Muay Thai Shadow Boxing
  • Muay Thai Pad Work
  • Technique Drills
  • Strength & Conditioning (with Kai)
  • Wrestling Drills
  • Cool Down
  • 60 Minute Fit Body Massage – Designed to encourage blood flow, stretch muscles and ease joints 

20th June

  • Warm Up & Stretching
  • Ground Techniques – Jiujitsu Drills
  • Takedowns
  • Boxing Drills
  • Strength & Conditioning (with Kai)
  • Cool Down
  • 60 Minute Fushi Deep Tissue Massage – Perfect for post-intense activities to target those deeper layers of muscles, connective tissue to help increase muscle flexibility 

21st June

  • Warm Up & Stretching
  • Running
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Stand Up & Ground Techniques (incorporating both Muay Thai & Jiujitsu)
  • Light MMA Sparring with Saiful
  • Strength & Conditioning (with Kai)
  • Cool Down
  • 30 Minutes Tension Release Back Massage – Focused on releasing muscular tension in the back and improve circulation.

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Date : 18 May 2018

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